Where is Belize's Political Future Heading; Who is ultimately Responsible?

The recent political convention in Belize, where John Saldivar was elected as the standard bearer for the Belmopan constituency, raises serious questions about the values and priorities of the United Democratic Party (UDP). Despite being named by the US State Department for his perceived involvement in corruption and money laundering, Saldivar managed to secure a significant number of votes and defeat his rivals. This result is a concerning indication of the UDP's disregard for integrity and accountability in politics.

Amnesty for Undocumented Migrants Starts in April 2022

The much-anticipated Amnesty Program will start in April. At a recent meeting held in San Pedro Town, officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration Department, and the International Organization for Migrants met to roll-out an awareness campaign and to design structures that will serve as the required criteria to be implemented in the upcoming Amnesty.