Food tariffs with Belize Suspended, AMLO declares.

During his brief visit President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported today that Mexico will abolish its tariffs on various agricultural, meat and basic food products so that Belize can export to our country. “We have just reached an agreement with the Prime Minister (John Briceño) for Mexico to abolish its tariffs on products that Belize can export to our country,” he stated this Saturday.

Floralia, the pace -setter … Modernizing an era of Antiquated Public Transport

For over 50 years Belizean have withstood an out-dated public transportation scheme by a handful of bus operators whose mantra has been to offer unexceptional basic services to commuters forced to travel aboard old-fashioned Blue Bird busses that have been retired decades elsewhere.

Prime Minister John Briceño in Taiwan for a 5-day working visit.

This morning, Prime Minister John Briceño and his eight-member delegation arrived in Taiwan to kick off a five-day working visit.

Upon arrival at the airport, Briceño and his delegation were greeted by Foreign Minister Joseph Wu then proceeded to take their Covid test then left the airport.

GOB to Restore 10% Salaries to P.O.

One of the top decisions made by the Briceño Administration which emanated out of their two-day Cabinet retreat last weekend was to give back the full 10% salary to public officers and teachers come 1st July 2022.

The inference first surfaced public as a background information by Prime Minister Briceño during an appearance on a local Talk Show earlier where he stated it would become official after he inform the joint unions.

Amnesty for Undocumented Migrants Starts in April 2022

The much-anticipated Amnesty Program will start in April. At a recent meeting held in San Pedro Town, officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration Department, and the International Organization for Migrants met to roll-out an awareness campaign and to design structures that will serve as the required criteria to be implemented in the upcoming Amnesty.

The Drug Cartel Scores Again!!! Who is winning the Cat and Mouse Game?

Is the drug Cartel operating in Belize playing the cat and mouse game with Police or do they possess and act upon the best intel money can buy?

The Narco intel seemingly charted a brazen well-coordinated landing for a Sabreliner 65 Jet, which touched down and made a landing on a remote stretch of terrain 3 miles west northwest behind the village of Crooked Tree at around 2:00 am on Tuesday morning, delivering a payload of approximately 1 ton of cocaine to their on-the-ground handlers destined for the United States via Mexico.