Briceño Breaks the Ice in the Belize/ Guatemala Relations

Prime Minister of Belize, John Briceño, is on an official visit to Guatemala where he is discussing various issues relating to trade and security between the two countries. In a press conference today, Guatemalan President, Giammattei told his nation that this visit marks a unique moment in the history of both nations where many agreements will be reached which will bring about changes in the relations of both countries.

Local or Imported Milk

It’s been shaking my head since it was announced and still not sure if my head was shaking to approve or disapprove the fast and furious move that could make or break the NÉW government’s initiative.

It was announced by our Minister of Agriculture that the importation of “La La Milk” and other Milk of similar quality will be banned.
I applaud the initiative to buy Belizean Products, support Belizean industries not only the Mennonite Milk and Diary Products but all industries.

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