The Politics of Business vs. The Business of Politics: A Call to Reclaim Belize’s Future

The Politics of Business vs. The Business of Politics: A Call to Reclaim Belize’s Future

Sat, 05/25/2024 - 09:25
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Belize City, Friday 24th May 2024


Belize stands at a crossroads. The visionary ideals of George Cadle Price, the founding father of our nation, have been abandoned by both the People's United Party (PUP) and the United Democratic Party (UDP). Price’s vision of nationalism, social justice, economic development, and unity has been replaced by a political landscape dominated by corruption, self-interest, and short-term gains. It’s time for Belizeans to wake up and reclaim our nation from the clutches of political financiers and corrupt leaders.

A Legacy Betrayed

George Cadle Price spent 31 years tirelessly working towards the political independence of Belize. His vision was for a self-sufficient nation that prioritized its people over political expediency. Today, our leaders pay lip service to his legacy while betraying it with every action. For nearly 43 years since independence, both the PUP and UDP have failed to take the necessary steps to industrialize the nation, promote manufacturing, or develop agro industries. Instead, they focus on “creaming the crop” in the business of politics, enriching themselves and their political financiers at the expense of national progress.

The Decline of Belize’s Industries

Our once-thriving industries—citrus, sugar, fisheries, and cottage industries—are disappearing. Instead of fostering local enterprises and empowering communities, our leaders have become dependent on international loans and grants, which benefit a select few rather than the broader population. The cost of doing business in Belize has increased tenfold, making it nearly impossible for small businesses to survive.

Corruption and the Influence of Political Financiers

Corruption has infiltrated every level of our political system. Political financiers, who fund election campaigns, dictate policies and receive lucrative business deals in return. This practice undermines democracy, where voters elect politicians, but financiers reap the rewards. Politics in Belize has become a business, prioritizing profits over the well-being of the people.

Conscious Voting: A Path Forward

As the next election approaches, Belizeans must become conscious-minded voters. We must scrutinize candidates not by their promises, but by their actions and commitment to the community. Here are steps we can take:

Demand Transparency and Accountability: Insist on clear, detailed plans from candidates on how they will tackle corruption and promote transparency in government dealings.

Support Community-Minded Candidates: Look for candidates who have a proven track record of community service and genuine concern for the well-being of all Belizeans.

Promote Economic Self-Sufficiency: Advocate for policies that support local industries, small businesses, and economic initiatives that benefit individual families and communities.

Rekindle Nationalism and Unity: Encourage leaders who aim to unite the diverse ethnic and social groups in Belize, fostering a sense of shared identity and purpose.

A Call to Action

It is time for Belizeans to reclaim the legacy of George Cadle Price. By voting consciously and demanding genuine, community-focused leadership, we can steer our nation back towards the path of nationalism, social justice, economic development, and unity. We must reject the politics of business and embrace the business of politics—where the well-being of the people is paramount.


The future of Belize depends on informed and conscious voting. As citizens, we have the power to shape our nation's destiny by electing leaders who embody the true spirit of service and dedication. Let us honor the legacy of George Cadle Price by making choices that will lead to a prosperous, just, and united Belize.