It’s Time to Prioritize the Will of the People

It’s Time to Prioritize the Will of the People

Fri, 10/13/2023 - 21:24
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By: Omar Silva; Editor National Perspective Belize

Belize City: Friday, 13th October 2023

In Belize, a growing discontent simmers beneath the surface of our political landscape. The people of this nation have long yearned for a government that genuinely represents their interests, aspirations, and values. The time has come for a transformative shift in our approach to politics, one that places the will of the people at the forefront of decision-making. It's time for a People's Convention, not a party selection, to reshape the future of our beloved Belize.

For far too long, Belizean politics has been characterized by a disheartening cycle of promises made but not kept, opportunities distributed among a select few, and a focus on individual egos rather than the collective well-being of our nation. The days of politicians using their positions as stepping stones to elevate their family members and cronies must come to an end.

We cannot allow Belizean politics to be a game of "Me" any longer. We have seen too many instances where first-time representatives open doors to high-end posts for their relatives without any regard for merit or the public interest. It is an affront to the principles of democracy and fairness, and it erodes the trust that the people should have in their elected officials.

The very essence of politics lies in serving the people and realizing their aspirations. It's time for politicians to shift their mindset from self-centeredness to genuine service. Gone are the days when politicians could thrive on the slogan "about the people" while making it all about themselves. Belizeans are now more informed, more engaged, and more determined than ever to hold their leaders accountable.

We've witnessed the backlash that befalls any party that places its ego before the people. Throughout Belize's history since Independence, no political party has truly been voted into power on the merit of their actions, but surely, they have been swept out with the protest vote. False propaganda and empty promises have prevailed, leaving the people disillusioned and frustrated. Manifestos, once filled with promises that touched the hearts of Belizeans, have often ended up as mere smokescreens, failing to deliver on their wholistic purpose.

This is why we advocate for a People's Convention. It's time for the people to take control of their own destiny and shape the future they desire. A People's Convention would provide a platform for individuals with true talent, dedication, and a passion for service to step forward and represent the interests of their fellow Belizeans.

Such a convention should not be about advancing personal agendas or serving the interests of a select few. Instead, it should be a place where ideas flourish, where open and honest dialogue leads to a shared vision for Belize's future. It should be a space where the people are heard, and their aspirations are the guiding force behind policy decisions.

In conclusion, Belize stands at a critical juncture in its political history. The people demand change, and they have the power to effect it. The days of politics as usual, where party selections and self-serving agendas rule, must come to an end. A People's Convention offers the promise of a brighter, more inclusive future for Belize, one where the will of the people is the ultimate guiding principle.

It is time for politicians to heed this call for change and embrace a new era of politics in Belize, one that is truly "about the people" and not just empty rhetoric. The choice is clear: evolve or face the inevitable consequences at the ballot box. The people of Belize deserve nothing less than a government that works tirelessly to realize their aspirations and uplift our great nation.