The Best is Yet to Come

Dean Barrow’s Deceitful ‘Empty Package’

Like we all know that it is the duty of the Government to guarantee a dignified means of living to all Belizeans by creating opportunities to afford them a decent standard of living of which is the essence of prosperity...


Belize Prohibits the entry of Guatemalans into Belize

Melchor Residence

Translated from Guatemalan Newspaper Prensa Libre

15th August 2016

Residents of Melchor de Mencos, Petén, working in Belizean territory, could not enter the country on Monday.

The affected Guatemalan residents recounted that Belize Immigration...Read more


Smuggled cigarettes from Belize seized in Poptún, Guatemala

Guatemala Police Find Contraband

Poptun, Guatemala 14th August 2016

Smugglers abandoned a truck loaded with more than a million cigarettes in the village Machaquilá, Poptun, Peten.

The small panel truck bearing Guatemalan license plates C300DPS was then abandoned after agents of the Guatemalan National Civil...Read more



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