Exposing Shenanigans: My Personal Journey through the Tangled Web of the Lands Department

By: Nadya Lu nee Contreras

Belmopan City: Sunday 25th February 2024

As I sit down to pen my personal account of the labyrinthine mess that is the Lands Department, I can't help but feel a surge of frustration mixed with determination coursing through me. My name is Nadya Lu, and I'm no stranger to the trials and tribulations of dealing with this bureaucratic nightmare.

Belize City Council: A Stern Wake-Up Call for Aspiring Candidates

By: Virgilio Valverde

Guess Columnist

As the municipal elections approach on March 6th, 2024, Belize City stands at a crossroads, burdened by a litany of pressing issues that demand immediate attention from aspiring candidates looking to lead the City Council. It's an understatement to say that Belize City is far from the beacon of progress it aspired to be when this Council assumed power for two consecutive terms.

I feel like Julius Caesar surrounded by 5 Brutus

Cracks in the City is now obvious within the administration of Sharon Palacio, barely 10 months after she was elected as Mayor of a PUP City Council. 


In a string of 11 serious allegations brought out public by five City Belmopan Councillors against Mayor Palacio, there is the issue of lack of transparency and accountability in City Finances which merits a full audit to either confirm or deny such allegations.