"Mayor Bernard Wagner's Controversial Stance: Rejects Convention for Endorsement, Risking Party Unity and Democratic Principles"

Mayor Bernard Wagner's Controversial Stance

By Omar Silva, NP Staff Writer

Belize City, Wednesday 31st March 2023

While it is ultimately up to Mayor Bernard Wagner to decide, whether he wants an endorsement or a convention, there are several reasons why insisting on an endorsement and refusing a convention could be detrimental to his political future:

Belize City Council: Powering Infrastructure Improvement with a New GR165 Motor Grader

The Belize City Council has taken a progressive step in a bold commitment to enhancing our urban infrastructure. With the acquisition of a brand new GR165 Motor Grader, this committed team, led by Deputy Mayor Allan Pollard Jr., is primed to tackle more city streets in a more efficient and timely manner.

Addressing Mental Health Challenges: A Call for Improved Support and Awareness

Raising concerns about the lack of mental health resources and advocating for change in Belize

By: Omar Silva NP Staff Writer
Special Thanks to NCC for sharing your personal experiences…

Belize City, Thursday, 18th May 2023 - In a country where access to comprehensive mental health care remains a significant challenge, concerned individuals and organizations are being called upon to come together to shed light on the pressing issue of menta