President of Taiwan travels to Central America with controversial stops in the U.S.

Taiwan President During Visit of Central America

Belize City: 6 th

January 2017 Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-Wen be arriving next Sunday to the Central American Isthmus on an official visit to ratify the continuation of its dollar diplomacy, a generous cooperation in exchange for diplomatic support, after a controversial stopover in the United States before the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. On her return flights, Taizai will make stops in the United States - in Houston on January 7 and in San Francisco on January 13 - amid signs of a reconciliation of U.S. President elect Donald Trump with Taipei.

China has called on the United States not to allow the President of Taiwan to transit its territory and President Barack Obama has warned about the "significant" response Beijing could give Trump's dialogue with Taiwan, violating decades of US diplomatic tradition. As for Central America, Nicaraguan ex-Foreign Minister José Pallais said the visit to the United States and the arrival in Central America of the Taiwanese leader "will not have any international relevance, because between Taiwan and China there is more communication now and coordination than it appears."

Therefore, with the transit of the Taiwanese President via Houston and San Francisco, according to Pallais, "there will be no change" in China's relations with the United States because they have too many mutual interests. Love is paid with love Moreover, Tsai's trip to Central America has an obvious meaning in the context of relations with the region. "Love is paid with love, the Taiwanese President comes to ratify the cooperation in exchange for a loyalty that manifests itself in diplomatic support it enjoys from a few Central American nations. Taiwan's non-reimbursable cooperation is significant for the region.

According to official figures, Nicaragua receives an annual average of 50 million dollars, El Salvador received 71.9 million between 2012 and 2015, and Guatemala received 62.7 million in the last five years. In the case of Nicaragua, Taiwan is an "important ally" and "it is difficult to find (another country) to replace it," Pallais said. With a large delegation, the Taiwanese President will begin her tour in Honduras on Sunday afternoon, and on Monday will talk with Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez.

On Tuesday, in Managua, she will participates in the investiture of President Daniel Ortega, who is due to realize his third consecutive term. On Wednesday 11, Tsai will arrive in Guatemala, where he will meet with President Jimmy Morales, and on Friday the 13th, he will be in San Salvador where he will be welcomed by President Salvador Sánchez Cerén.

Dollar diplomacy Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua are among the 12 allies that Taipei has in Latin America. The funnelling of funds from Taiwan without major restrictions to Central America in the decade 2000-2010, has caused scandals and the imprisonment for corruption of at least three ex- presidents : Arnoldo Alemán (Nicaragua, 1997-2002), Alfonso Portillo (Guatemala, 2000-2004) And the late Francisco Flores (El Salvador, 1999-2004). "The dollar diplomacy, has not disappeared, it still functioning in other ways, not an illegality, but is always used for the same purpose, no one gives free cooperation, and no one offers cooperation support for nothing". For Pallais, this has allowed Central American presidents and politicians to appropriate funds provided by Taiwan, it is liberal grant provided by Taipei that has no paper trail and given without type of control or monitoring of the Taiwanese legislative power, because they are confidential funds that are easily facilitated.

With the exception of Costa Rica that broke off relations with Taiwan in June 2007, in order to establish relations with China, the remaining countries in the region including Belize have maintained "unalterable loyalty" to Taipei and "timid" trade relations with Beijing. Nicaragua maintains good relations with Taiwan, despite the fact that in 2013 it authorized a Chinese company to build an interoceanic canal three times longer than the Panama Canal with an investment of 50,000 million dollars. As for Belize, it is not yet known if the Taiwanese President will make a satellite visit after it meets with Guatemala’s Jimmy Morales on Wednesday 11 th then go back to Guatemala before her next schedule touch down in El Salvador on Friday 13 th January.