Nanes Schnitzer a.k.a. Belizean David Banes in Mexican Prison

Was found in possession of Belize Passport, Belize Certificate of Nationality, Belize Bank Accounts, Properties, Condos, Drivers Licenses etc. etc.


Belize City: 07 February 2017


A Mexican Federal Judge has issued a formal warrant and prison remand to David Miguel Nanes Schnitzer, the former chairman of the Board of Directors for the defunct ‘Stanford Funds of Mexico’, he now facing an initial charged with the illegal collection and swindling of investments amounting to $U.S.316,667 Dollars.

Nanes, on the run for 15 months was taken into custody last week at Mexico City’s International Airport on an incoming flight from Havana, Cuba where again he tried to re-enter Mexico under another identity.

But in November of 2015 this same David Nanes Schnitzer was picked up in San Pedro, Belize by both Mexican and U.S. Law Enforcement on the strength of an international warrant for his arrest but this arrest was contested because at the time of his arrest, he showed Belizean identity as David Banes.  

He was found to be in possession of a legitimate bonafide Belize Passport, a Certificate of Belize Nationality signed by the Belize Director of Immigration at the time of issue.

David Miguel Nanes Schnitzer who at the time had an alias of David Banes also had a Belize Social Security Card, a Belize City Driver’s License and a San Pedro Driver’s License, a Belize Voters Card, a Boat Navigation License and a Belize Bank debit card.

At the time other documents show he owned several properties here, including a home in San Pedro, a 60-room condo that was under construction, a property in Hopkins Village, and various bank accounts. An asset recovery team from Stanford's receivership estimates that his local holdings are between 7 and 10 million dollars 

All these legal status documents found in his possession that identified Nanes Schnitzer as a Belizean issued by Belize corrupt government officials. Nanes contracted a defence Counsel, Liesje Barrow-Chung said to be operating out of the Denys Barrow Law Firm on Coney Drive who is a brother of Belize’s  Prime Minister.

Two weeks later in the Supreme Court of Belize, Justice Denis Hanomansingh granted Nanes Schnitzer a bail of $10,000. Bze and again, he disappeared into thin air.

When David Miguel Nanes Schnitzer appeared before Rubén Darío Noguera Gregoire, the Fourteenth District Judge of Federal Criminal Proceedings in Mexico City, he concluded that Mexico’s Justice Department, PGR, has presented sufficient prima facia evidence to put Nanes Schnitzer on trial on a first count charge for the serious modality of a crime in violation of the Law on Credit Institutions .

The conduct violated is attributed is classified as article 111 of the criminal code of the  aforementioned norm which is punishable with up to 15 years imprisonment which is also coupled with a penalty fine of up to 50 thousand days of minimum wage.

In the previous cases, within which he was prosecuted, Nanes does not have the right to provisional release under bail; However, it has open the possibility of litigating to obtain it, based on the penal miscellanea that came into force last June.

Such legislation does not consider pre-trial detention for this financial crime.

The problem for Nanes is that there were many affected who filed complaints against him for the loss of their investments and that could eventually complicate the possibility of ever being released.

In criminal case 47/2009, for which he is now subject to trial, the businessman is accused of raising $ U.S.316,667 between May 30, 2006 and April 2, 2008 through Stanford Group Mexico, a Company that had no authorized permit for such operations, by the National Banking and Securities Commission.

The complainant and victim of the crime is the journalist Guillermo Ortega Ruiz, according to information aired during the preparatory statement.

In rendering his preparatory statement before the judge, he only gave his general information. He said he was originally from Chicago, Illinois, where he was born on August 6, 1968.

In addition, he reserved his right to testify or answer questions from the Attorney General's Office and his lawyers.

Today, David Nanes Schnitzer is in Mexican prison dubbed the Reclusorio Sur of Mexico City, located in Xochimilco.