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Nanes Schnitzer a.k.a. Belizean David Banes in Mexican Prison

Was found in possession of Belize Passport, Belize Certificate of Nationality, Belize Bank Accounts, Properties, Condos, Drivers Licenses etc. etc.

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Guats to Boost Military Might along Belize Border !

Combat Ready Guatemalan Soldiers

While Prime Minister Barrow Bullies the Nation, He is Sheepishly Silent !

Belize: February 05th, 2017.

The Guatemalan Minister of Defense, General William Mancilla, said that this strategy is necessary and is especially needed within the Maya Biosphere

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President of Taiwan travels to Central America with controversial stops in the U.S.

Taiwan President During Visit of Central America

Belize City: 6 th

January 2017 Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-Wen be arriving next Sunday to the Central American Isthmus on an official visit to ratify the continuation of its dollar diplomacy, a generous cooperation in exchange for diplomatic support, after a controversial stopover in the...Read more


Smuggled cigarettes from Belize seized in Poptún, Guatemala

Guatemala Police Find Contraband

Poptun, Guatemala 14th August 2016

Smugglers abandoned a truck loaded with more than a million cigarettes in the village Machaquilá, Poptun, Peten.

The small panel truck bearing Guatemalan license plates C300DPS was then abandoned after agents of the Guatemalan National Civil...Read more

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