UDP Legal Advisor Commits Suicide?

Michael Young Found Shot in the Head.

Reports reaching the National Perspective suggests that Michael Young Sr, Leading Attorney and Legal Advisor for the ailing (UDP) United Democratic Party committed suicide this afternoon at his Vista del Mar Residence using his licensed firearm to end his life with a single shot to the head.

Police Investigators are at his home processing the scene trying to piece the puzzle to determine if there is stray evidence to determine otherwise.

There is no doubt the United Democratic Party is really undergoing wearisome times as a government where the entire Party structure in government is quickly disintegrating and crumbling to raw scandals involving brazen acts of corruption by party officials and Ministers of government.

Young being considered a legal column pivotal at the centre of all this earthmoving scandalous information hitting his Party and which no doubt could have pointed legal repercussion towards him decided to avoid any type of embarrassment or involvement related his Party and took the short way out.to the point of such lamentable action.

Young has been a Party loyalist since the beginning of the UDP and has served in many official capacities within the Party structure and on Boards.

We note incidentally that in July of 2009 former UDP Deputy Leader Oscar Ayuso 51 years old took it to the extreme and committed suicide taking his life with a single shot to the temple. Like Young, Ayuso was also found in his Bella Vista Home slumped dead.in his living room chair .