Faber Cutting back Teachers Hardship Allowances

Belize City: Thursday October 4th 2018

The Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, has wasted tens of thousands of dollars of tax payers’ dollars on tacos and pibil and even more thousands on new
However, his Ministry is deciding to cut back on hardship allowances
for our nation’s teachers.

The issue has attracted the ire of the Belize National Teachers’ Union
(BNTU) which says that the that the ministry is making decisions
without consultation.
While not all schools will be affected by this cutback, many others
will. The BNTU has opted to tour several schools to get an idea of the
reality on the ground to determine if the cutback is rational.
The BNTU visited the Graham Creek Government School in Toledo whose
teachers have received the bare minimum in hardship allowances.
The school is so isolated that to get there teachers must trek seven
miles of dense jungle daily. Additionally, there is no electricity,
telecommunication or potable water available during that trek.
BNTU President, Senator Elena Smith, undertook the grueling trek and
agreed that the teachers of that school deserved more hardship
It is left to be seen if the stubborn Minister of Education will
ignore these hardships or if he will empathize with the teachers and
provide more support.