Citrus and Banana Industries losses are in the tens of $ millions

Belize banana crop damage
Belize Citrus Industry damage

The losses suffered by Belize’s Citrus Industry is estimated in excess of US$16.5M dollars, following the crippling blow of Hurricane Earl earlier this month.

According to industry stakeholders’ losses stand in excess of 569,450 boxes of Oranges and 135, 585 boxes of grapefruit.

The damage has prompted the industry to call for financial assistance from the government of Belize, primarily to fertilize groves that lost leaves due to the hurricane force winds.

The banana industry has also suffered great losses extending in the tens of millions of dollars due to Hurricane Earl and have urgently requested government’s financial assistance in an effort for the industry to remain on stream.

Hurricane Earl caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damages across Belize and Mexico.

Meanwhile, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) issued a release warning of Floods in the Toledo district advising the population to take precautionary measures to avoid being trapped.

This will no doubt cause damages and add to the millions of dollars that we have suffered so far in damages.