TOMZA, ZETA GAS, and DAGAS Propane Companies Under Investigations for Price Hike Fixing Scam

Propane Companies Under Investigations for Price Hike Fixing Scam

By: Omar Silva

Three Guatemalan Propane Importers who are also registered as importers / distributors in Belize for the distribution of propane gas throughout the country and who seemingly are operating in similar method are answering to charges in Guatemala regarding unilateral price...Read more


Nanes Schnitzer a.k.a. Belizean David Banes in Mexican Prison

Was found in possession of Belize Passport, Belize Certificate of Nationality, Belize Bank Accounts, Properties, Condos, Drivers Licenses etc. etc.

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Guats to Boost Military Might along Belize Border !

Combat Ready Guatemalan Soldiers

While Prime Minister Barrow Bullies the Nation, He is Sheepishly Silent !

Belize: February 05th, 2017.

The Guatemalan Minister of Defense, General William Mancilla, said that this strategy is necessary and is especially needed within the Maya Biosphere

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President of Taiwan travels to Central America with controversial stops in the U.S.

Taiwan President During Visit of Central America

Belize City: 6 th

January 2017 Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-Wen be arriving next Sunday to the Central American Isthmus on an official visit to ratify the continuation of its dollar diplomacy, a generous cooperation in exchange for diplomatic support, after a controversial stopover in the...Read more


UDP Legal Advisor Commits Suicide?

Michael Young Found Shot in the Head.

Reports reaching the National Perspective suggests that Michael Young Sr, Leading Attorney and Legal Advisor for the ailing (UDP) United Democratic Party committed suicide this afternoon at his Vista del Mar Residence using his...Read more


Citrus and Banana Industries losses are in the tens of $ millions

Belize banana crop damage
Belize Citrus Industry damage

The losses suffered by Belize’s Citrus Industry is estimated in excess of US$16.5M dollars, following the crippling blow of Hurricane Earl earlier this month.

According to industry stakeholders’ losses stand in excess of 569,450 boxes of Oranges and 135, 585 boxes of grapefruit.

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Suicide in Orange Walk?

11-year-old found suspended from a beam, rope tied around his neck

Police in Orange walk Tow are investigating what appear to be a suicide after they found an 11-year-old with a rope purportedly tied around his neck suspended from a beam at the ceiling of his...Read more


Belize Prohibits the entry of Guatemalans into Belize

Melchor Residence

Translated from Guatemalan Newspaper Prensa Libre

15th August 2016

Residents of Melchor de Mencos, Petén, working in Belizean territory, could not enter the country on Monday.

The affected Guatemalan residents recounted that Belize Immigration...Read more


Smuggled cigarettes from Belize seized in Poptún, Guatemala

Guatemala Police Find Contraband

Poptun, Guatemala 14th August 2016

Smugglers abandoned a truck loaded with more than a million cigarettes in the village Machaquilá, Poptun, Peten.

The small panel truck bearing Guatemalan license plates C300DPS was then abandoned after agents of the Guatemalan National Civil...Read more