Where the Hell is Public Safety? No sense of Security or peace of mind!

Where the Hell is Public Safety? No sense of Security or peace of mind!

Tue, 09/17/2019 - 20:37
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Where are we as a law-abiding society, and where are we heading with all this ridiculous lawlessness before our very eyes?

Where are we as a law-abiding society, and where are we heading with all this ridiculous lawlessness before our very eyes?

Every time we tend to believe that things are so out of control and that we’ve seen it all, we are shock in disbelief by another level in the turn of events for the worst.

Now, I believe that crime has become the thorn in the side of every citizen and is now the order of the day, no one, not even our youth are safe anymore.

Our loved ones have become target for the criminal psychopaths and we must now go the extra mile to know the whereabouts of our children; we cannot depend on their so-called friends anymore. We have all seen how crime has developed and has transcended from bad enough to worst over the last decade. For the most part, we have showed no responsiveness for the social tragedies around us. In most cases, we are only a part of the outcry when tragedy hit close to home. Apart from that, only when our Facebook warriors make it an issue that create awareness enough to build a public opinion.

The Police for their part, believe that they are complying with society when they spoon feed limited sketchy information on the sad state of the criminal reality in Belize and sadly, that is where it all ends.

With the recent occurrences against our youth, we must never again take anything for granted. We must take every step and measure to protect our children lives and property and cannot expect the police to oversee and provide that sense of public safety, with security for all.

Time is not on our side and as a family unit we must find better ways to communicate with our loved ones and how to track them down in the event our youth go out on the town for entertainment purposes.

Over the last eleven years or so, all hell broke loose when ineptitude took over the mantle of government. During this period, crime ratcheted up to a whole new level and just like government, the police high command who are clueless without a national crime fighting strategy only react to the everyday tragedies without answers. Prior to 2008, the police man strength stood at 1200 elements, today we have seen an increase by almost 1000 more men that stands at around 2200 policemen. The number of patrol vehicles has also increased considerable to the equivalent of 1 vehicle to every 20 elements. They have received police gear from both the United States and Taiwan but remain without serious training especially in areas like rules of engagement in the use of firearms; procedures and methodologies to upgrade analytical factfinding techniques in their investigations that should render a higher conviction rate than the 30% they are jammed with.

The department have more paramilitary units including the GSU than ever before which seem to be at the behest of those in government. We note Police booths, Check Points and mobile patrols in every direction of the old capital but still with continuous armed robberies and murders many times not far away from their location.

Considering all the added police gear, equipment and man power, it is logically reasonable to sum up that there is a lack of government commitment. With the present Police Commissioner, we see nothing new, it is the same ole lack of crime fighting strategy with no new operational procedure that would show a drastic reduction in the real violent situation citizens are subjected to since 2019 started.

The end result of good police investigations is played out and tested in court with positive conviction rate but it is a damn shame to see the conviction rate plunder because of contaminated investigations due to mal practice in procedures and methodologies.

There is no longer any solid public confidence in the Police department because of the perception of infiltrated rogues within. The people want to have a Police department that diligently provide acceptable level of public safety that in itself gives that peace of mind and that sense of security to the common man who already live the everyday challenges of the high cost of living.

What seem more disgusting is seeing the police department finding recourses to ensure the corporate citizens get their police escorts as is evident with police motorcyclists behind delivery trucks, at gas stations and many nightclubs across the nation.