WHAT IF…..you knew the TRUTH?

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WHAT IF…..you knew the TRUTH?

Wed, 08/14/2019 - 06:42
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Dean Barrow is the self-proclaim righteous politician who once claimed that he does not get in to any “mix up mix up” but after a review if the following below it would be hard not to think that he is either corrupt or foolish? 

Dean Barrow is the self-proclaim righteous politician who once claimed that he does not get in to any “mix up mix up” but after a review if the following below it would be hard not to think that he is either corrupt or foolish? 


For context and definitely your judgement, we will lay out the best scenarios that we believe really defines Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s legacy and his 12 years of Government.   


For context:


---This is the same Dean Barrow who admitted in the House of Representatives during one of his tirades in 2009 against Michael Ashcroft and his Alliance, that he has in fact accepted campaign contribution from the said Ashcroft Alliance.


--- This is the same Dean Barrow who defended Elvin Penner at every opportunity and allowed him to stay elected to collect a salary until the 2015 election and did everything mysteriously to deter an election recall after Penner was being accused of immigration fraud. 


--- This is the same Dean Barrow that vehemently defended Edmond Castro when Castro was accused of misappropriating the funds of the Belize Airport Authority, while he was the minister responsible.


---This is the same Dean Barrow that boasted on September 15, 2015 that he cut a sweetheart deal, that amounted to a blank cheque, with Michael Ashcroft and the Alliance for the purchase of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL), a company the Barrow government improperly nationalized in 2009. He pranced about in the House of Representatives meeting in 2015 claiming that only 50% of the sum to be awarded (as the matter was referred to arbitration, something Barrow had resisted for years) will be used for domestic infrastructure in Belize. Also he stated that the payment should be made in Belize dollars since BTL is a local company. This sweetheart deal was cut one (1) month before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), which many of the learned luminariesbelieved that CCJ was going to rule in favor of the Ashcroft Alliance and award BTL back to the Alliance.


In 2016, one year later after signing the blank cheque, Belizeans found out that everything Dean Barrow said September 2015, and what occurred in reality was completely opposite. What Barrow had boasted was going to occurred turned out not to be the case. 


  1. The cost turned out to be around six hundred million Dollars ($600,000,000.00m) or US$300,000,000.00, while the companies audit can only support a value of US$100,000,000.00. 
  2. Also the payment was to be made in US dollars and not Belize as he again had boasted that the agreement was Belize dollars. This was ruled on by the CCJ, who chastised the government for such a one sided agreement against the Belizean people. 
  3. It was also found out that there were never any monies agreed to by the Alliance for infrastructure. That matter was never contemplated by the Ashcroft Alliance. This later was made clear in a ruling by the CCJ and also confirmed by subsequent interviews with members of the Alliance.
  4. It was clearly disclosed in a well-aired interview by Michael Ashcroft, principal of the Ashcroft Alliance, himself that the drafting of the one sided agreement was done by Dean Barrow’s brother, his law partner and himself. Based on the outcome of the agreement all three (3) drafted an agreement that was anti Belize.
  5. Portion of the Foreign Reserves and many treasury bills borrowings had to be made to pay the Alliance for BTL. To date Belizeans are literally still paying that BTL bill. 
  6. In addition BTL continue to borrow over an additional two hundred million dollars ($200,000,000.00) for some phantom expansion guaranteed by the people of Belize.


--- This is the same Dean Barrow that wrestle away twenty million dollars ($20,000,000.00) from the Alliance (Belize Bank) that was granted to Belize by Venezuela for payment of the Universal Health Services loan to the bank which was guaranteed by the Government. The said $20.0M was by the Barrow government squandered it by issuing defected loans and grants and today there is absolutely nothing to show any benefits that poor Belizean received from the proceed of that money.


--- As a result of that compulsory acquisition of that $20.0M, this is the same Dean Barrow refused to defend the claim against Belize by the Alliance for the wrongful and forced refund of the $20.0M. Dean Barrow refused to defend Belize on this matter at the London Court of Arbitration (LCIA), the Privy Council in London, and the United States Supreme Court. On every occasion these Courts rules against Belize in absence. Finally the CCJ rules against Barrow (Belize) in 2017 at which time the amount ballooned to ninety-five million dollars ($95,000,000.00). To date Belizeans have been forced by the Supreme Court of Belize to pay that $95,000,000.00 at an interest rate of 6% via annual tax write-offs.


--- This is the same Dean Barrow that stalled and undermined the Stake Bank Docking project for many years. Could it be that he was stalling and stunting the Stake Bank project to give the Alliance (WaterlooInvestment Holding Limited-WIHL) time to come up with some scheme to undercut a viable project (Stake Bank) that is already underway? It that why he has appointed his blue koncasgirl, Mastry, to be the go between him and the Alliance with the idea develop a cruise port and bulk storage in the Port of Belize vicinity, Port Loyola area, an old idea that cannot work. Is this being coined off the Sanctuary Bay model? Note also all of the BIL projects are failure. They have been either over-priced or non-functional. The evidence of Barrow under cutting other cruise docks projects are very glaring and Dean Barrow appears hell bent to ensure that the Alliance get everything it wants and more much to the detriment of every other investor. Some say it appears incestuous.

  1. The project request letter by Waterloo points out that Barrow has been in constant communication with Alliance and IT IS CLEAR TO ALL NOW that he stood by and watch the Big Creek Group spend millions of dollars to establish the first bulk handling facility and deep water port and at the same time watch Stake Bank spending millions of dollars to establish much needed cruise ship docks under DOE approved environmental practice.
  2. Could it be that Barrow is in bed with the Alliance and that is why he stood quietly and watch the tender operators invest millions of dollars to improve their tender fleet, knowing fully that cruise ship tender businesses and the said investors will be financially wiped out once a land base cruise dock is establish. Do you think Dean Barrow cares what happen to all those boat captains, tours guides, tour operators, and other workers? 
  3. Could he is still financially contact with the Alliance and that explains why he stood by and watch individuals such as David Gegg et al sign a MOU with government (John Saldivar and others) and started to make their invest using their scarce resource to develop their another land base cruise port (Magic) knowing fully well that the required legislation will never pass in the House Of Representatives, because such legislation will undercut the Alliance (Waterloo) project. 
  4. Could it be that Dean Barrow don’t care about the environment, that he will allow almost any proposed dredging to occur of almost one hundred and twenty million United States dollars’ (US$120,000,000.00) worth of dredging to be done by a Dutch company (Jan de Nul), with a scope of works to remove/dredge millions of cubic yards of material loaded with E.coli bacteria which lies with the Port of Belize area, since that area collect effluents from the city sewers. 
  5. The plan being contemplated is to have those dredged material, fill with the effluent, loaded on barges and is transported and dumped in pristine areas of the sea such as Hicks Caye area, Turneffe Reef Atolls area, the Belize City coastline, etc. That is a very dangerous and reckless proposal that is being contemplated. But this is the project that Barrow has been entertaining and salivating about from 2016.


---This is the same Dean Barrow that squealed like a pig when the Federal Trade commission fingered him and his law firm in a US court filing that was done in June. The filing by the FTC sought to disfigured Belize’s integrity as the FTC claimed that there were many misdeeds that was enacted by the government’s regulators and operatives that allowed for over 1,400 US citizens to be scammed over one hundred million United States dollars (US100,000,000.00), classified by the FTC as the largest real estate scam in their history. Dean Barrow has since, through his law firm, attempted to gag the media and others with threat of law suits if they repeat the FTC claims in the filing, but vowed that he will not even contemplate suing the FTC, who has been the entity that has call out the Prime Minister and the country about how unscrupulous they government and its official has been during the period the scam took place.. So it appears as the old saying goes “cow knows where weak the fence is”. 


Is it safe to say that Dean Barrow just chancy? He is not afraid of the said people that voted him in power and wants to penalize them for many of the things being said in the FTC filing that has truth to them, but trembles when he hear of big bad Uncle Sam’s FTC. 


Maybe it’s true…kroffy/peasants like their visa to the US ecstatically…. and we know what country Barrow likes to take junkets to almost monthly and we also know which where he stash his windfalls, so he can’t risk losing his ability to go visit Uncle Sam land, so by any vague deduction we guess Barrow is a fake kroffy/peasant?.. what you think?