Where are the Architects to restructure the political System?

Dean Barrow Corruption Governrnent

… A challenge is hereby propounded

"The species that survive are not the strongest and most numerous, those that survive adapt to changes in a better way." Charles Darwin

This principle can and should be applied to social institutions: the family, business companies, churches and of course, the State. In a global context of shocking changes, anchoring down to the traditional often causes negative results. Today we are seeing how the nation of Belize shudders, and is forced to consider an urgent transformation.

We are now seeing that our present political system is being run by corruption, nourished by a perverse marriage between political financiers and political mercenaries, not politicians, whose main purpose and objective is illicit enrichment, the illegal appropriation of public funds and other resources, whether through tax evasion, the overvaluation of many government projects, social programs, public works and the recently implemented flood mitigation.

Corruption - impunity - is the fuel that created a perfect state for the mafias, while the masses are sunken deeper into misery. In Belize, we are experiencing one of the most corrupt consolidated partisanships of this region, a political model that could not exist forever but is paralyzing a nation with no semblance of economic growth. Corrupt partisanship has its days counted, if we unite and decisively take collective action to root out the trafficking of influence which is the root cause, society demands a new way of doing politics in Belize

The other foot of the traditional Belize is the economic model based essentially on a mixt economy, based on extensive cultivation of Sugar cane, Papaya, Citrus   and Banana exports. This economic system benefited from its own practices of social exclusion and occasional flows of US currency for family remittances. We now have to modernize our vision, our aspiration and diversify to keep Belize abreast with the global demands of today.

By its own constitution the referred traditional model did not prevent the penetration of polluted capital, linked to organized crime. But like the political model, the economic model reached a point of no return: export earnings show a steady decline due to the low international prices of sugar and also of other agricultural products, the contraction of the international market, and new consumption habits.

The breakdown of Belize’s political system today coupled with the potential collapse of the traditional economic system, are generating paralysis in all areas and contributing sectors.

 Actions and inactions by this UDP government are causing uncertainty and are over taking the wider society in general. What is worrying is that with both, the emergence of a new political system and the setting up of a new economic system - if formulated successfully - would entail at least two decades to show its functionality and bring benefits.

For sure, it is obvious that our politicians never seriously consider these trends, both internal and external, and never prepare for a change of course.

As an aggravating factor social indicators are extremely worrying, whose effects will become dormant in higher levels of the struggle. The imminent economic and political immediacy of Belize in the present circumstances forces visionary social architects to envision and draft out an unprecedented national restructuring of a viable way forward.

This requires a concrete and effective relationship between capital and investment, sustained social development, efficient national infrastructure, the rule of law and the achievement of a successful position in the context of the international economy.

But the above is unthinkable if all our social sectors do not commit in favour of the election of new visionary authorities, whose characteristics must be: experience, responsibility, commitment and honesty. The end of the model is imminent. And a challenge is hereby propounded.