For a historical context, the majority of Belizeans are presently very angry with Pastor Ashley Rocke, who is a Senator representing the churches and civil society and who voted against having a Senate Select Committee inquiry into the shenanigans and criminality that is outlined in the recent Auditor General report on the issuance of visas, nationality and passports.

Rocke’s vote for the inquiry would have forced a deadlock and trigger the president of the Senate to pick a side to break the deadlock.

It would have also sent a signal to the Corrupt UDP government that the people are totally interested in ensuring that those that committed a crime are exposed, and those that did not, be vindicated.

But because of Ashley Rocke’s decision to join in with the corrupt UDP’s, the people will never know the truth. What everyone saw is that Ashley Rocke is a political sell out, (check his facebook page) and should be stripped of his pastor hood by his congregation.

However, have a quick review of the notorious Pastor Ashley Rocke’s facebook page and you will find in his photo album tons of photographs of the United Democratic Party (UDP) nomination day procession including those segments of Dean Barrow. He has no photo of the other parties, thus leads one to believe that he is a passionate UDP supporter and he wore that support on his sleeve to the Senate.

Now, it is a sad day for Belize when we have to be discussing the integrity and dignity of a church pastor. Pastor Ashley Rocke states on his facebook page that he is a pastor at the Lake Independence Baptist Church. This means that his church lies in one of the most poverty stricken and crime ridden area of Belize City.

So, it is difficult for anyone to countenance why a man who is seeing all the suffering of those in the congregation brought on by the corruption and mismanagement of a cold hearted UDP government, one would believe that such a pastor would jump at the opportunity to see justice done.

In this immigration scandal brought about by Elvin Penner in the Kim Wong Hung international jail heist attempt, the Auditor General who stands head above the rest has uncovered the unwritten, but practiced rule of a all- out hustle. 

Yet a man like Rocke does not want it uncovered. He voted for corruption and criminality. Rocke voted to allowed ‘Ali Baba’ (Barrow) and the forty thieves (his Cabinet) to continue to oppress and marginalized the members of his congregation.

Ashley Rocke cannot be considered a good man. He has failed his people. He has been infected with the Judas Iscariot syndrome. His bank account must be checked for the possible forty pieces of silver.


History will not be kind nor pardoning to the likes of Ashley Rocke in the same way as the former union Senator Ray Davis who is now viewed by his peers, as a disgrace. Davis was another UDP apologist who sold his people (unions) out.

Today Ashley Rocke’s congregation must be looking with scorn and shame on him. How can he stand in front of them come Sunday and claim he is a man of God, of principle and justice. He pissed all that away in the Senate’s last meeting. His family will have to now live with the shame that he is a traitor to his congregation, church, family, and country.

It must be a lonely time for Ashley Rocke. But don’t feel sorry for Ashley Rocke, he should be in good standing with his party (UDP) and he is now loaded with $$$. The going rate (payments) to traitors is very high.

So high, those loud laughing listeners heard on Wednesday, August 31, 2016, was Belize’s Judas of Iscariot laughing all the way to the bank with silver. So it is anticipated that very soon the photos on Rocke’s facebook page will not only have his Rio visit chronicled, but other exotic expensive destinations which is bought and paid for by the rampant corruption and crime (Judas’s silver).

There is very little kindness that can be bestowed on a traitor. Local Benedict Arnold’s are what is eating away at the Belizean society like a malignant tumour. The church is expected to assist in ridding the nation of those ills of society, but as everyone heard or saw Wednesday that the church is the problem.

So when the a trusted member of the church breached that trust with the society as was done on Wednesday, it brings back into sharp focus what many thinks has been wrong with some church leaders for many years such as the many accusations and suspicions of same sex relationships, children relationships, collection embezzlement, fornication, adultery, etc.

What Ashley Rocke did in the Senate is a huge setback for the church in Belizxe (it shows that they are of weak faith) and if he is allowed to continue to stand and preach at the pulpit of the Lake Independence Baptist Church, then we say “shame” on the Baptist Church management, because how can someone whose action condones corruption be receiving (paid) tides from the poor people of the church and the country. Ashley Rocke appears to stand for everything that is against the preaching of Jesus Christ and the bible. We also called that he be removed from being a Senator and that he never be allowed to be called a Pastor until he changes his ungodly ways.


The People Are Awake, Open Your Eyes.