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Briceño Breaks the Ice in the Belize/ Guatemala Relations

Briceño Breaks the Ice in the Belize/ Guatemala Relations

Belize’s Prime Minister meets with Guatemalan President to discuss issues on trade and security


Belize City: Wednesday, June 2nd 2021


Prime Minister of Belize, John Briceño, is on an official visit to Guatemala where he is discussing various issues relating to trade and security between the two countries.

In a press conference today, Guatemalan President, Giammattei told his nation that this visit marks a unique moment in the history of both nations where many agreements will be reached which will bring about changes in the relations of both countries.

Historically, it will show that when there is political will, differences could be overcome and when there is fortitude to represent our peoples, with dignity, it makes it possible for us to look into the future, and not into the past. He added that the only ones that can fix the lives of our people are the governments.

Speaking for Belize, Prime Minister Briceño said that Belize appreciates the dignity and respect demonstrated especially the manner in which the delegation was received. The friendly atmosphere with the desire to work towards a better relation between the two countries.

Briceño said he was optimistic because of the many opportunities that exist for the two countries. Many Guatemalans have migrated to Belize and have made it their new home. He pointed out that there are Guatemalan students who come across into Belize every day and many Belizeans travel to Guatemala to study likewise. For this to be successful, there must be a desire for cooperation. If the officials see that, at the political level, we are making these commitments they will also do their part. Prime Minister Briceño said on behalf of our Government of Belize, we will do everything possible so that our agreements are carried out and realized quickly.

The Government of Guatemala has indicated that, on trade and cooperation issues, the frameworks designed to facilitate bilateral trade and deepen cooperation between the two countries has already been reviewed.

Briceño said "It was agreed to increase the benefits of the Partial Scope Agreement (APA) already signed by Belize and Guatemala, and in that sense, they instructed the reactivation of the Administrative Commission of APA with a view to reinforcing its implementation and advancing its expansion."

The action seeks to accelerate the implementation of cooperation agreements, projects and programs aimed at strengthening friendship between the peoples of Belize and Guatemala."

Regarding migration and security, the authorities referred to the threats posed by transnational crime activities and discussed the establishment of a high-level security group to be facilitated between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of both countries.